What Muscle Group Are You Working Britney Spears?

Posted by Scotty on December 22nd, 2016


While I know very little about the mechanics of working out, one thing I know for sure is that certain exercises work certain muscle groups. Curls work the biceps, squats work the legs, and push-ups work the chest. But I have to admit I’m a little stumped as to what muscle group Britney Spears is working on this Instagram pic.

I am in no way, shape, or form questioning Britney Spears and her very revealing workout routine. I would never do that. If Britney Spears stays in shape by doing a handstand and stretching out her legs in this way and showing off probably a little more than she planned (or maybe she total planned) then who am I to tell her to stop simply because I’m not sure what this particular exercise does. Sure, I could take a guess as to what muscle group it works, for me it’s tightening just about every single muscle in my body so, maybe it has the same effect on Britney. Besides I bet Britney Spears has some kind of trainer who taught her this move, but I would also bet that trainer was never more impressed than right now.

So, go on Britney Spears. You do whatever workout you want in those short shorts and you show off how amazing your body is. You give it all you got and we’ll cheer you on.

Alice Eve Cleavage Edition

Posted by Scotty on December 11th, 2016


I know that we should be paying attention to the cute little dog in the picture or the beautiful landscape or the three happy people (including Alice Eve) in this Instagram post, but honestly there is only one thing that I can see… Alice Eve’s cleavage.

Without a doubt there are some who are staring at this picture of Alice Eve and her friends, all wearing one-piece bathing suits, and they have no idea what I’m rambling about. But if you take a closer look, right below Alice Eve’s pointing hand and you’ll see it. Yes, right there, in all its magnificent glory, Alice Eve’s fantastic cleavage. Sure, Alice Eve in a bikini would have made it easier to find her cleavage, but I honestly believe that if Alice Eve was wearing a bikini I would have passed out from such a sight. To say that Alice Eve has some of the best cleavage around is really putting lightly. And to those of you who found her cleavage right away, I’d give you a high-five if I could.

When taken from a distance, alongside two friends and with a cute dog, had this Instagram post been of anyone else the cleavage probably would have gone unnoticed. But alas, this is Alice Eve and her cleavage will never be ignored.

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Here!

Posted by Scotty on December 4th, 2016


When this time of year rolls around, every single one of us has a favorite thing that only happens now. For some it’s the first snow fall of the season, for others it might be warm cookies fresh from the oven. Some like spending time with friends and family, while others love spreading good cheer. And while all of those things are great, if you ask me what makes this time of year so great and so special is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Time Be Thankful For Padma Lakshmi In A Bikini

Posted by Scotty on November 22nd, 2016


As we all gather with our families and friends this holiday season, it’s important that we take a moment and think about what we are truly thankful for. As for me, this year it is pretty easy to find something to be thankful for. If anyone asks me what I’m thankful for, I’m going to smile from ear to ear and say; “I’m thankful for Padma Lakshmi in a bikini.”

Yes, for me, it’s the simple things in life that I’m grateful for and there is nothing simpler than the beauty of Padma Lakshmi in a bikini. And it doesn’t have to be a super skimpy bikini, it can just be a regular, off the rack bikini. Yeah, Padma Lakshmi’s incredible body makes everything look extra sexy and that is something to be thankful for. Sure health, wealth, and happiness are also important things to be appreciative of, but are they really as great as Padma Lakshmi’s cleavage? Or Padma Lakshmi’s bikini ass? Really? Are they? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Though I have to admit I’m not just thankful for Padma Lakshmi in a bikini during the holidays, it’s a whole year round kind of thing. Yes, Padma Lakshmi in a bikini is the gift that really does keep on giving.