I know that we should be paying attention to the cute little dog in the picture or the beautiful landscape or the three happy people (including Alice Eve) in this Instagram post, but honestly there is only one thing that I can see… Alice Eve’s cleavage.

Without a doubt there are some who are staring at this picture of Alice Eve and her friends, all wearing one-piece bathing suits, and they have no idea what I’m rambling about. But if you take a closer look, right below Alice Eve’s pointing hand and you’ll see it. Yes, right there, in all its magnificent glory, Alice Eve’s fantastic cleavage. Sure, Alice Eve in a bikini would have made it easier to find her cleavage, but I honestly believe that if Alice Eve was wearing a bikini I would have passed out from such a sight. To say that Alice Eve has some of the best cleavage around is really putting lightly. And to those of you who found her cleavage right away, I’d give you a high-five if I could.

When taken from a distance, alongside two friends and with a cute dog, had this Instagram post been of anyone else the cleavage probably would have gone unnoticed. But alas, this is Alice Eve and her cleavage will never be ignored.