First off, pardon the dude. Ruining photos as they often do. But there’s something most compulsory shareable about how Nicole Scherzingerlooked in her deep low cut gown for the premiere of Dirty Dancing, the TV reboot of the movie from thirty years ago that you can watch but had to be remade because Hollywood suffers from lack of support for fresh ideas. Nevertheless, Scherzinger zingers make up for a ton.

Nicole isn’t the youngest of the lovelies in her dancing and singing and acting bits any longer, but this veteran hottie originally out of Hawaii holds her own and then some with girls her junior vying to get ogling gentlemen on their virtual visual dance card. She not only has the epic body, but knows how to carry herself when about to fall out of her dress. I’d like to carry her as well. Nobody puts my baby in the corner. I’m now talking about my Mr. Happy. Around Nicole and her funbag shows, Mr. Very Happy. This is how Penny gets pregnant in the story. Hint hint.