Wayne Rooney prostitute Jenny Thompson shows off her incredible figure in a hot pink bikini as she hits the beach in Dubai

Posted by Scotty on December 31st, 2016


She’ll be hitting our screens in 2017 with an explosive stint on Ex On The Beach.  And Jenny Thompson gave fans a glimpse of what to expect as she hit the sandy shores of Dubai on Thursday. Clad in a hot pink bikini, the former sex worker, 26, looked every inch the beach babe as she paraded her flawless figure in the sunshine.

Kate Beckinsale Pokies in a Pink Dress!

Posted by Scotty on December 25th, 2016


Slow news day today so here are some fantastic candids of Kate Beckinsale and her pokies in a pink dress from June this year! She looks great!

What Muscle Group Are You Working Britney Spears?

Posted by Scotty on December 22nd, 2016


While I know very little about the mechanics of working out, one thing I know for sure is that certain exercises work certain muscle groups. Curls work the biceps, squats work the legs, and push-ups work the chest. But I have to admit I’m a little stumped as to what muscle group Britney Spears is working on this Instagram pic.

I am in no way, shape, or form questioning Britney Spears and her very revealing workout routine. I would never do that. If Britney Spears stays in shape by doing a handstand and stretching out her legs in this way and showing off probably a little more than she planned (or maybe she total planned) then who am I to tell her to stop simply because I’m not sure what this particular exercise does. Sure, I could take a guess as to what muscle group it works, for me it’s tightening just about every single muscle in my body so, maybe it has the same effect on Britney. Besides I bet Britney Spears has some kind of trainer who taught her this move, but I would also bet that trainer was never more impressed than right now.

So, go on Britney Spears. You do whatever workout you want in those short shorts and you show off how amazing your body is. You give it all you got and we’ll cheer you on.

There’s No Stopping Jodie Sweetin’s Sexiness

Posted by Scotty on December 18th, 2016


There is something on my mind and honestly I’m terribly afraid to bring it up. I am having a hard time with this whole grown, super sexy Jodie Sweetin thing. I know I may totally be alone on this one, but it’s hard for me to wrap my ahead around the fact Jodie Sweetin has some huge boobs.

I have no problem admitting that I was quite the fan of Full House when I was younger and I also have no issue admitting that I might have binge watched Fuller House, yet when it comes to Jodie Sweetin, I feel the need to pause. I don’t know what it is that makes hesitate for a moment when it comes to her hotness. After all, this spread fromMaxim is really damn sexy. Jodie Sweetin in lingerie, yes okay, I see what you are going with there. Jodie Sweetin in black faux fur coat, black panties, black leather knee-high boats, and no shirt on underneath, right, right, I get it. Jodie Sweetin being incredibly sexy… I want to say yes, I’d like some more please, but there’s something… can’t put my finger on it…

Just as everything else in life, there is very little one can do to stop things like time, the seasons from changing, and Jodie Sweetin being super sexy. Just imagine what would happen if Jodie Sweetin went topless in something… just imagine.

Is Katie Cassidy Wearing A Bikini Or Lingerie?

Posted by Scotty on December 16th, 2016


There is no need to argue whether Katie Cassidy in a bikini or Katie Cassidy in lingerie is hot or not, we all know the answer to those questions. Yes, Katie Cassidy in a bikini or lingerie is hot. But there is one issue that we must debate: is Katie Cassidy wearing a bikini or is it lingerie as she enjoys the waters of Miami Beach?

From the back I was certain that Black Canary was rocking a black bikini, but then I got a glimpse from the front. And once I got over the excitement of seeing Katie Cassidy’s amazing bikini body and stunning cleavage my mind began to wander… Is this a bikini or this a matching bra and panties set? Honestly, I’m having a hard time coming up with an answer. From the back, it’s a bikini. From the front, it’s sexy lingerie. Bikini, lingerie, bikini, lingerie, bikini, lingerie… my head is spinning and Katie Cassidy’s hotness isn’t helping the situation. I think this is going to be a long day because this question needs to be answered. If that means I have to look at these pics of Katie Cassidy all day, then I’m going to look at these pics of Katie Cassidy all day.

And I know there are some people out there who are thinking that all I’m doing is coming up with some absurd reason to keep looking at these pictures of Katie Cassidy for hours on end to that I say… Um, no. This is totally for science and stuff, you know, to find answers. And stuff.

Danica Patrick Camel Toe, Cleavage During Yoga

Posted by Scotty on December 15th, 2016


One toe over the line, sweet Jesus! Danica Patrick is a Nascar superstar who also happens to be incredibly sexy, and we happen to love following her caREAR here at Mr. Skin. If you’ll remember, this summer Danica paid Chicago a visit and stripped down to a bikini for a dip in Lake Michigan. This time around, Danica is showing off her hot, athletic bod while practicing yoga poses, in, well, some very revealing yoga pants!

Obviously, the star of the show here is the major camel toe we get from Danica Patrick while she does a handstand. (I’m sure this has some fancy yoga name but IDGAF. It’s a handstand IN AMERICA.) Also, you don’t get much more come-hither than whatever pose it is that makes Danica bend in half to greet us with her taint. It’s impossible to miss all the different types of cleavage we get from Danica during this workout as well. Basically, keep it up, Danica!


Alice Eve Cleavage Edition

Posted by Scotty on December 11th, 2016


I know that we should be paying attention to the cute little dog in the picture or the beautiful landscape or the three happy people (including Alice Eve) in this Instagram post, but honestly there is only one thing that I can see… Alice Eve’s cleavage.

Without a doubt there are some who are staring at this picture of Alice Eve and her friends, all wearing one-piece bathing suits, and they have no idea what I’m rambling about. But if you take a closer look, right below Alice Eve’s pointing hand and you’ll see it. Yes, right there, in all its magnificent glory, Alice Eve’s fantastic cleavage. Sure, Alice Eve in a bikini would have made it easier to find her cleavage, but I honestly believe that if Alice Eve was wearing a bikini I would have passed out from such a sight. To say that Alice Eve has some of the best cleavage around is really putting lightly. And to those of you who found her cleavage right away, I’d give you a high-five if I could.

When taken from a distance, alongside two friends and with a cute dog, had this Instagram post been of anyone else the cleavage probably would have gone unnoticed. But alas, this is Alice Eve and her cleavage will never be ignored.

Think You Don’t Care About Models? Meet Nude Rebecca Szulc

Posted by Scotty on December 10th, 2016


Well hello, Rebecca Szulc! There are roughly 20,000 new gorgeous Instagram models a second, and they’re all working really hard to challenge the meaning of words such as “relevant” and “famous.” (Yes, I realize I’m about five minutes away from being an old ass man, TYVM.) Since I don’t feel like making boob flash cards 24/7, I normally kind of tune these chicks out even though objectively they are stunning sex gods. So are the women I watch who play volleyball by the beaches here in Chicago, who cares. WELL, consider me a changed man after seeing this nude spread with the Instagram model who will make you like Instagram models, Rebecca Szulc! Honestly, I don’t know what it is about this girl, but she’s doing serious things for me.

Rebecca Szulc has an amazing, tight bod and perfectly palmable natural boobs, and her face is just different enough that I could actually recognize her if I saw her a second time. Or third, or fourth or fifth. As long as she keeps on showing off her banging bod and different look, I’m sure she’ll do just fine in the biz. Check out Szulc modeling for something called Fae Swim, and head to her Instagram, natch, if you want even MOAR. Is your angel an Instagram centerfold, or are you literally over it? Let us know!

Taylor Swift Apparently Has the Hottest Lips in the World

Posted by Scotty on December 9th, 2016


\According to a plastic surgeon, Taylor Swift has the hottest lips in the world. Anyways, hot lips are certainly sought after – by the women who want to have them and the men who want to kiss them. In celebration, enjoy our “Dick Sucking Lips” playlist, where you can find all our personal favorites in one place.

Baked in Brooklyn and The Greasy Strangler

Posted by Scotty on December 4th, 2016


Two comedies at opposite ends of the spectrum hit home video, though they do have one thing in common: Some really nice nudity!

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