As we all gather with our families and friends this holiday season, it’s important that we take a moment and think about what we are truly thankful for. As for me, this year it is pretty easy to find something to be thankful for. If anyone asks me what I’m thankful for, I’m going to smile from ear to ear and say; “I’m thankful for Padma Lakshmi in a bikini.”

Yes, for me, it’s the simple things in life that I’m grateful for and there is nothing simpler than the beauty of Padma Lakshmi in a bikini. And it doesn’t have to be a super skimpy bikini, it can just be a regular, off the rack bikini. Yeah, Padma Lakshmi’s incredible body makes everything look extra sexy and that is something to be thankful for. Sure health, wealth, and happiness are also important things to be appreciative of, but are they really as great as Padma Lakshmi’s cleavage? Or Padma Lakshmi’s bikini ass? Really? Are they? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Though I have to admit I’m not just thankful for Padma Lakshmi in a bikini during the holidays, it’s a whole year round kind of thing. Yes, Padma Lakshmi in a bikini is the gift that really does keep on giving.