Jessica Alba recently admitted her breasts were digitally enhanced in the Into The Blue and Fantastic Four movie posters. Alba said,
They enhanced my chest a little bit. They always do it. And in the poster for ‘Fantastic Four’ – they did it big time!”
I didn’t think she’d need much enhancing since she’s about as naturally flawless and well proportioned as it gets. She’s practically impossible to cut up unless you believe Awful Plastic Surgery’s theory that Jessica already enhanced her own boobies. Even if that’s the case, what can I use to make fun of her? Saying she bought herself a decent sized pair of implants and picked a great surgeon to do it (unlike Tara Reid (nsfw)) isn’t really much of an insult. She was cool enough to admit the movie posters are a lie, she dates a normal guy, who up until everyone found out he was copulating with Jessica Alba, wasn’t famous and she probably kisses other girls even when she’s sober. So I’m just going to say that according to the pictures below she’s butt-picker, and … uggh … I give up. The girl’s butt is so nice she can’t even keep her own hands off of the thing.