The stretch pants and sports bra market is huge and getting huger. Since being adopted, blessedly, as a walk-around acceptable fashion statement outside the gym, every lady whose worth their salt is spending their pepper money buying into Spandex under various fancy sounding brand names and alt-naming concepts. It’s form fitting yoga wear. Call it what you will, price it as you may, color as you want, we will ogle the very same.

Jenna Dewan, by far the best thing to ever come out of House Tatum, took her MILFtastic female form and good looks to the beach in Malibu to show off for Danskin in their various overpriced pieces of lycra. She makes me want to buy a whole mess of things. Or things to mess with. Or just the right to peel those skin tight sheer clothes off her alluring mom body. Alas, you only get the clothes. Jenna, you make wanting to be a fashion sheeple seem like the right choice. All the power to your pimping ways. I gave into them long ago