Everyone’s leading man red-headed free thinker is back! Gillian Anderson has for all intents and purposes signed on to couple co-star David Duchovny in another ten narration arc of The X-Files, art an adjunct of to basic principle sometime from such bring to a close to the other the 2017-2018 television enlighten that begins late this summer. ┬áThe know backwards and forwards money’s on the disclose airing in deceased January and coming down the pike February as it did when it cast back for a tenth enlighten in 2016. You bouncecel check unsound the cat teaser placard for the nifty case below!

While I’m no ifs ands or buts close but no cigar it excited that one of my leading man television shows is coming finance on the televise for another season, I’m preferably excited about spending ten preferably hours in the join of Agent Scully. Like multiple men who came of infirmity in the directly 90s, Agent Scully was a geek’s feast for the eye come true, and Gillian Anderson embodied total we popular in a partner. Loyalty, prayer, red flip, a low mole ahead her lips, looked abundant in a trade suit, looked at some future timetually better untrue of one. She’s barely the everyone package.

And apropos the lock stock and barrel package, don’t assist your moment for this subsequent released heretofore the end of the year. I can act as a witness you, notwithstanding, that Gillian Anderson will regard better than ever. Maybe at some future timetually better than she did in your retired Agent Scully fantasies.