The Kardashian and Jenner clans are ageless in the fact that they seem to lack age and I can’t tell if they’re in their 20’s or their 50’s, so it’s startling when I remember that Kylie Jenner, the blue thing you see above, is only 19-years-old! Kylie keeps it all in the mamily when it comes to her banging, curvaceous body, and in this recent sneak peak from an upcoming photoshoot, the reality star shows off every inch of it while wearing only a layer of paint.

The vision comes from photographer Sasha Samsonova, and so far we don’t have any more details of what the unreleased project is going to entail, except for presumably more body paint. In the image above we get a glimpse of Jenner’s epic ass, as well as definitive nipple action that definitely gives Instagram’s boob ban a run for its money.

As a little extra surprise, we were actually able to get our hands on another angle from the photo shoot, and I have to say Kylie looks better than ever: