While I know very little about the mechanics of working out, one thing I know for sure is that certain exercises work certain muscle groups. Curls work the biceps, squats work the legs, and push-ups work the chest. But I have to admit I’m a little stumped as to what muscle group Britney Spears is working on this Instagram pic.

I am in no way, shape, or form questioning Britney Spears and her very revealing workout routine. I would never do that. If Britney Spears stays in shape by doing a handstand and stretching out her legs in this way and showing off probably a little more than she planned (or maybe she total planned) then who am I to tell her to stop simply because I’m not sure what this particular exercise does. Sure, I could take a guess as to what muscle group it works, for me it’s tightening just about every single muscle in my body so, maybe it has the same effect on Britney. Besides I bet Britney Spears has some kind of trainer who taught her this move, but I would also bet that trainer was never more impressed than right now.

So, go on Britney Spears. You do whatever workout you want in those short shorts and you show off how amazing your body is. You give it all you got and we’ll cheer you on.